The front cover of my Sketchbook

In the age of social media, it’s effortless to scroll down your feed and see hundreds of finished pieces of design work within a few minutes. Still, when seeing this final piece of square artwork, you miss the process, which in my eyes is the most fun part of what we do as designers and creatives. The journey to the final design is everything from that initial research, to the development of the idea and taking all this to make a beautiful piece of design.

When talking to industry about my portfolio, the process was something that they were interested in; sometimes more than the finished design. The work that goes into a project can sometimes take weeks and mouth, so it is kind of sad if it just gets a few images on a web page. When showing the process and where the idea came from it gives the industry an insight into how you think about design problems and lets them see the little things that don’t make it to the final design that makes you, you.

An example of a page from my Sketchbook showing the App UI Design.

For me, every idea I have about a project or any of my random thinking goes into one sketchbook. With having just one sketchbook its a mix of lots of projects, on the one hand, its a giant pain in the ass to sort, but on the other, it means everything is in one places, and sometimes ideas lead on from each other, and the book shows the journey. On a side note, I scan my Sketchbook every week, so I have a digital copy; this means I can never say I have the wrong Sketchbook.

Without even knowing it your Sketchbook is the place that shows the real creative you as its unedited and raw ideas straight on the paper, for me this has helped me to see more into who I am as a designer, and for the industry, it’s like them taking a look into your mind.

When starting university I was always anti Sketchbook as I did not see the point in sticking and glueing to show my ideas, but then I realised it’s not about what it looks like but been free to write and draw what you want. There are many people with awesome sketchbooks such as @_beaweirdo for example, but I have worked hard to make my Sketchbook a free space for me to put any ideas and try not to put pressure on my self to make every page look like a piece of art.

In conclusion, the process is the fun bit and sketchbooks are awesome. :)

Thanks for reading

I’m Dan, a designer and creative from Birmingham with a passion for the future with a focus on brand strategy. — Sorry about the spelling :)